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The Houston Area Ghostbusters are on a little hiatus right now, but something wonderful has occurred. One of our members has bought and paid for a Hearse he's willing to have converted! It is an excellent 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance, one of only 125 made.

To see pictures of this beauty, join our forum on our website and follow the progress there! And hopefully soon, you'll see this wonderful car patrolling the streets of Houston!
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So it's been a week since the Houston Area Ghostbusters went to San Antonio for Texas Comic Con 2010. Now that we're recovered from "con plague" (all those people, all those germs ... someone's bound to get sick. This time, it was me.) and have slowly readjusted to "civilian life" it's time for an event report.

Everett, Jacob, Sarah and I left Houston on Thursday morning, excited about the con and a road trip to San Antonio. Fortunately we are pretty good at keeping each other entertained so the trip didn't seem to last as long as it did. Once checked into the hotel, we invaded the Riverwalk and stuffed our faces with delicious authentic Mexican food at Casa Rio. Afterwards we went back to the hotel to prep for the con on Friday morning.

Friday morning we rolled into the San Antonio Event Center to set up our table. Set up took a little longer than expected especially due to limited places to hide the ghosts for the Ghost Hunt. But we got it all set up in time and only left out a minimum number of ghosts by mistake (whoops!)

In the midst of preparations, I ran into our friends from Mech Corps. One of their mobile pods decided to have a break down in transit. Literally. The pod they named "Dana" lost her forward tower which houses all the electronics to run the thing. I was recruited to help unload the rest of the pods from their Dropship while a few MechWarriors tried to salvage Dana. They should have known all along ... "There is no Dana, only Zuul."

As typical Con Fridays go, it was pretty slow customer wise. It was basically a lot of vendors wandering around and looking at each others' wares. But we were able to entertain ourselves and keep busy especially with our friends from up North, The Dallas/Ft. Worth Ghostbusters.

After con on Friday, we had dinner with the DFW group at the delicious Sushi Zushi. Much fun and noms was had by all.

Saturday proved to be more eventful with more con attendees and more events and panels to occupy folks' attention. Our new friends from The Darkness brought in one of their creations that just floored us. They sculpted up the demon form of everyone's favorite ghost librarion: Eleanor Twitty:

Another new friend we made over the weekend was Alexander "Super" Rae who posed with the DFW's Ecto HHR while dressed as a dead ringer for Clark Kent:

And of course, all the Ghostbusters in adtendance posed for several group shots to commemorate this Texas-sized PKE Surge:

Also on Saturday there was an Exhibition Match over at the Mech Warrior pods between the Dallas and Houston Ghostbusters teams (we won, by the way.)

Sunday was again, a fairly slow day, but we still had a lot of fun. We moved our tables up to the DFW area to share our last day that weekend, and to prove to everyone else at the con that we were not, in fact, rival groups. We also recruited Chewbacca:

Sunday also saw the announcement of the winners for our Ghost Hunt: In third place was "Spike," winner of the T-Shirt prize package, with 32 ghosts captured:

In second place was "Team Beautiful," winners of the DVD prize package, with 36 ghosts captured:

And first place, our smallest contestant, was Azriel, winner of the original RGB animation cell prize package, who also capture 36 ghosts, but was able to do so before "Team Beautiful" could.

And thus concludes this Pictorial Review of the Houston Area Ghostbusters' trip to San Antonio for the first ever Texas Comic Con. We had a great time, and we're (mostly) recovered from the trip! We'll see you again next year!

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Hey folks, if y'all are planning on being in the San Antonia area between June 18-20, come visit us and the DFW Ghostbusters at Texas ComiCon 2010!

Those of you who remember us from Comicpalooza might also remember our Ghost Hunt. Well, we're doing it again! Put your paranormal investigation skills to the test and you might come home with a nifty prize!
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Greetings HAGBs and fellow Ghostheads!

Well, the screening at the ADH was a HUUUUUGE success!!! If you were there, you'd know that there wasn't a seat left in the theater, because the screening was SOLD OUT!!! I'd call that a big YES!

It was a little rainy when the HAGBs started to arrive at West Oaks Mall, but since the venue was inside, we weren't worried at all about total protonic reversal. We trickled in a few at a time, with some venturing into the mall and were mobbed by people wanting to take pictures. Around 15 minutes to start time, we gathered outside the ADH for several pictures, and headed in. It was really nice to see that when we got to the theater, it was almost full. Awesome. The Ghostbusters set all the equipment down at the front so they wouldn't have to double park. It was then one of the Managers of the ADH and yours truly made our way to the front of the theater, and did a bit of introductions. We were happy to see everyone there, and the HAGBs were introduced, then the show started.

The laughter was energetic. The HAGBs were drooling (proverbially) at the sights and sounds on the silver screen. It truly was a great movie to be shown on the big screen. I'd say the biggest reaction was when Mr. Stay Puft showed up on screen walking down the New York streets, there was cheering and clapping for him (Even though he's the bad guy)! The movie wrapped up, and the feeling in the room was positively charged!

The HAGBs gathered at the front of the theater with the manager to do a game of "Stump the Ghostbusters". I'm glad to report, we knew 80% of all what was asked, with a lot of obscure questions being thrown at us. After the "Q&A", the HAGBs were met in the lobby with fans and ADH personnel for pictures and discussion, with a few asking how to join. It was really great. Thereafter, we decided to venture in the mall again for more GB tomfoolery, and lots of picture-taking. We wrapped up the day by thanking the employees of the ADH, and headed outside for a post "bust" discussion, and to just shoot the breeze.

A big, huge, twinkie sized thank you to the Alamo Draughthouse @ West Oaks Mall in Houston, Nate Wells, Stacey Hall, and Lacy Edmondson for the event, we wouldn't have done this without you all. The HAGBs are truly grateful for your business, and hope to do this again. You are now deputized, honorary Houston Area Ghostbusters!

Up next for the Houston Area Ghostbusters is the Texas ComiCon in San Antonio! visit www.texascomicon.com for more information
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Come on out to the Alamo Drafthouse this weekend. Eat, drink, watch movie, play "Stump the Ghostbuster" afterwards, win prizes!

The movie starts at 3 PM this Saturday, May 15. Tickets are flying off the proverbial shelves like books near a full-torso vaporous apparition in a library.

Oh, hi.

May. 10th, 2010 10:42 am
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We're still getting things set up here. In the meantime, why don't you take a look at our website, or perhaps our Facebook fan page?
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