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Greetings HAGBs and fellow Ghostheads!

Well, the screening at the ADH was a HUUUUUGE success!!! If you were there, you'd know that there wasn't a seat left in the theater, because the screening was SOLD OUT!!! I'd call that a big YES!

It was a little rainy when the HAGBs started to arrive at West Oaks Mall, but since the venue was inside, we weren't worried at all about total protonic reversal. We trickled in a few at a time, with some venturing into the mall and were mobbed by people wanting to take pictures. Around 15 minutes to start time, we gathered outside the ADH for several pictures, and headed in. It was really nice to see that when we got to the theater, it was almost full. Awesome. The Ghostbusters set all the equipment down at the front so they wouldn't have to double park. It was then one of the Managers of the ADH and yours truly made our way to the front of the theater, and did a bit of introductions. We were happy to see everyone there, and the HAGBs were introduced, then the show started.

The laughter was energetic. The HAGBs were drooling (proverbially) at the sights and sounds on the silver screen. It truly was a great movie to be shown on the big screen. I'd say the biggest reaction was when Mr. Stay Puft showed up on screen walking down the New York streets, there was cheering and clapping for him (Even though he's the bad guy)! The movie wrapped up, and the feeling in the room was positively charged!

The HAGBs gathered at the front of the theater with the manager to do a game of "Stump the Ghostbusters". I'm glad to report, we knew 80% of all what was asked, with a lot of obscure questions being thrown at us. After the "Q&A", the HAGBs were met in the lobby with fans and ADH personnel for pictures and discussion, with a few asking how to join. It was really great. Thereafter, we decided to venture in the mall again for more GB tomfoolery, and lots of picture-taking. We wrapped up the day by thanking the employees of the ADH, and headed outside for a post "bust" discussion, and to just shoot the breeze.

A big, huge, twinkie sized thank you to the Alamo Draughthouse @ West Oaks Mall in Houston, Nate Wells, Stacey Hall, and Lacy Edmondson for the event, we wouldn't have done this without you all. The HAGBs are truly grateful for your business, and hope to do this again. You are now deputized, honorary Houston Area Ghostbusters!

Up next for the Houston Area Ghostbusters is the Texas ComiCon in San Antonio! visit www.texascomicon.com for more information

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